omg this is so sad!!! Proof that appearences are not what they seem, now...if you excuse me *curls up in beds and starts to cry*

this is so sad Proof that appearances are not what they seem, now.if you excuse me *curls up in beds and starts to cry*

Ring installation by Arnaud Lapierre かっこいい。風景に溶け込みにくそうなのに、なんだか不思議と風景に馴染んでいる所が気になる。

▶▶▶ Ring installation // Arnaud Lapierre distorts and reconstructs reality through the layering of reflections and voids. The cylindrical environment warps visitors' perception of space into a simultaneously reconstructed and deconstructed reality.

テーマは趣味と生活が寄り添い合う家。 – D'S STYLE(ディーズスタイル)

テーマは趣味と生活が寄り添い合う家。 – D'S STYLE(ディーズスタイル)



Cut Paper, Pins. 備忘録。 普通に紙に書かれるよりも 印象に残りそう。 立体の持つ強さ。

Paper cut letters suspended by pins by Annie Vought - again we have this idea that the artist has created two different alphabets - the physical one she has made from paper in this case, and the one created by its shadow.

辻 和美 : まるちょこ

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