Asya Malbershtein on Web Design Served

Fashion e-commerce site for modern brand from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Asya Malbershtein is young and revolutionary fashion brand for outstanding people. It’s customers are young and rebel urban dwellers, don’t want to waste they’re time. So we designe…

Digital art selected for the Daily Inspiration #1811

HAY was founded in 2002 and the furniture collection was launched at IMM Cologne in HAY's ambition is to encourage Danish furniture design’s return to the innovative greatness of the and in a contemporary context.HAY operates in the f…

Reservoir Dogs by 3ftDeep    Abstract the human figures nearly beyond recognition. Because of the figures upright  orientation, the mind will still recognize them as human.

Reservoir Dogs - Alternative, Minimalist Poster by Reservoir Dogs - Alternative, Minimalist Poster. I always seem to say this but … I’ve just watch this again for the first time in ages.

Quite brilliant vintage style business card

Mug shot business card: Vintage Style Business Card. The Estúdio Triciclo loves to bring together typewriter script, old papers and experimental studies. This card has two fronts: one for each designer. Cards designed by Estudio Triciclo.


Human Reification - Concept artist Paul Gisbrecht deals with the question whether the perfect human is measurable.