The history of form magazine 1957 – Jupp Ernst, Director of the Werkkunstschule in Kassel, museum directors Willem Sandberg and Curt Schweicher, and former member of the Bauhaus Wilhelm Wagenfeld f…

Japanese Poster: Tokyo Yamaha Hall. Ikko Tanaka. 1957

"Wataru Saito & New Suns Trio Recital" Poster, Tokyo Yamaha Hall, Designed by Ikko Tanaka, 1957

Japanese Poster: Kioi Sinfonietta Tokyo. Tsuguya Inoue. 2010

Japanese Concert Poster: Kioi Sinfonietta Tokyo. Tsuguya Inoue. 2002

The Gurafiku archive of Japanese graphic design is a collection of visual research surveying the history of graphic design in Japan.

The Architectural Review's Folio

Lior Galili, Manhattan’s Backyard. Sections, plans and silhouetted skylines interweave blending texture and space with hints at Rem Koolhaas’ Delirious New York.

Xue Picks: Aleksandra Waliszewska | Waterfall

Le Pigeon Voyageur Postcard // Wing V by Lena Amuat & Zoe Meyer


Joseph Pielichaty, blue skies from different countries found in newspapers. Great idea for a collage!