DIY Tote Pocket Insert - Love The easy sewing project for back to school. - this gets my brain going...! I need to try this!

Insertable pocket for tote bags. This is simply brilliant! This idea could work great on a couple of my 31 Bags that are large. It's hard to find small things in a big bag. Maybe for keys, cell phones, wallets.

For you DIY-ers like myself here's a pattern for a cute little travel kit! Looks easy enough.

DIY Mini Boxy Makeup Bag in 10 Minutes

Makeup bag, travel kit, or pencil case. A great step-by-step tutorial to include in your back to school essentials. It's a great tutorial.

Zipper Pouches

41 DIY Gifts You'll Want To Keep For Yourself

fruit-stamped zippered pouches - DIY tutorial for a cute makeup bag, pencil case, or sewing pouch Bark project

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Cute bag ideas - there are a few more pics on the linked page :) Inspiration only- I think the bags were for sale years ago :D