Pretty star ornaments...all that scrapbook paper I won't use.

How to make an adorable paper teacup. It's easier than you think to make this simple paper teacup, perfect for a tea party decoration or party favor!

truebluemeandyou: DIY Origami Bow Tie Tutorial from Fiber Lab here. For more Father’s Day DIYs (like a 3D foldable tool box card) go to my kids’ craft blog here:

DIY Origami Bow Tie Tutorial from Fiber Lab here. I initially didn’t post this because I thought it was really really difficult, then a new post with more instructions came out. For more Father’s Day DIY



Make these rectangular Diy Boxes from Origami from a single sheet of paper

25 Insanely Fun DIY Projects To Try In The Comfort Of Your Own Home Origami Gift Box - A simple yet fantastic and unique way to give gifts. This origami gift box even has room for a little message to be slipped inside.


wall of rainbow origami koi - DIY wall hanging instructions (sort of - no actual origami instructions included).

★お正月準備・ペーパーナプキンでポチ袋|インテリアと暮らしのヒント |Ameba (アメーバ)

★お正月準備・ペーパーナプキンでポチ袋|インテリアと暮らしのヒント |Ameba (アメーバ)

How To Make Butterfly Origami Paper Bows | DIY Tag

Learn how to make origami bows! Easy instructions, perfect finish for cards and gift boxes! Watch the video tutorial!

不器用さんでも大丈夫!折り紙を使ったラッピングアイディアまとめ | キナリノ


小さなBAGの折り方。折り紙のかばん。【origami tutorial】How to make an origami small bag!

Cute and simple ☆ bag-type wrapping of how to make | wrapping | paper Accessories & wrapping


割り箸の袋でハートの箸置きを作る方法/Heart Shape Origami with Chopstick Bag /難易度2/箸袋折り紙

割り箸の袋でハートの箸置きを作る方法/Heart Shape Origami with Chopstick Bag /難易度2/箸袋折り紙

ハートの箸袋の作り方 手順1|折り紙|紙小物・ラッピング|ハンドメイド・手芸レシピならアトリエ


ハートの箸袋の作り方 手順1|折り紙|紙小物・ラッピング|ハンドメイド・手芸レシピならアトリエ

折り紙 クローバーリース Clover wreath Origami

Learn how to make a heart wreath using 8 pieces of square paper. These units are easy to fold and the completed wreath is best secured by glue.