Panda waiting for a train

A panda furry waiting for the subway. Yup, definitely saw this same panda man when I was in NYC.

Bert Hardy In December five giant pandas were smuggled out of China to England. Four of them were bought by London Zoo. Photographer Bert Hardy’s son, Mike Hardy, poses for a photo with Ming one of the pandas at London Zoo. From Bert Hardy/Getty Images

lost in art

Liu Bolin – Lost in Art

Chinese Artist Liu Bolin: The Internet’s Invisible Man Liu has hidden in front of the Great Wall, in Venice, and even at Ground Zero. (Courtesy of Eli Klein Fine Art)


Panda Lips Panda Suprise by viridis-somnio Tags: body painting, make-up, panda

It all makes sense now

Well, this explains why it's so tough to breed pandas in captivity. View "Bears Perform DBZ Fusion Dance" and more funny posts on Dorkly

It's a bathing panda! ♥

Swimming Panda bowl, source Unknown / reminds me of our bear bowls Van Liew Austin Wilder

Luke Chueh "Hall of Fame: The Soundtrack (to my life)"

Luke Chueh The Soundtrack (To My Life) Print On Wood Release

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