Paper Typography, by Gina Hollingsworth A typeface created from a single sheet of paper, with only cuts and folds. The process used to create the alphabet involved.


Retro corporate logo - simplistic and professional. Can be an "S" or something like a swirl that symbolizes the company's motives or business.


Unknown source - a simple and very generic design. Not very good at portaging a specific concept or idea behind maybe a company or business. It can maybe be used for a symbol of unity or flow.

prettiest beer can design ever! / yoho brewing

Japanese Beer - The YO-HO Brewing Company has released a new Japanese beer label called ‘Sorry’ which features a freshly attractive design on its cans.

doing this!

How to Create Environmentally Safe Moss Graffiti (Infographic, Video)

DIY Moss Graffiti, couldn't work out if this should be in gardening or crafty, looks fun either way.

Pause Fest 2014 Branding by Pennant

Pause Fest 2014 Branding by Pennant

Otis Rush and His Chicago

Bill Graham Presents original poster from 1967 featuring Otis Rush, Grateful Dead and Canned Heat at the Fillmore.