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Kowloon Walled City Art Block - In the work of Japanese artist HR-FM, digital illustration meets pop art.

Boek cover

Jan Mlodozeniec (born in 1929 in Warsaw Poland, died was a Polish graphics designer. He worked in posters, drawing, book and publication design, illustration. Cover of book by Marek Hłasko "First step in clouds"

On November 3, 1957, a dog named Laika was launched into space on the Sputnik 2, as part of the Soviet space program. She had not always been known as Laika;...

Vintage Images of Canine Cosmonauts from the USSR

Soviet Space Dogs is a new book dedicated to the canine space explorers who skyrocketed from living on Moscow’s streets to astronomical, global fame

Sue Scullard, engraving

Wood engraving artist Sue Scullard portfolio of prints she is based in Kent, UK