Fairy Garden Waterfall made by Jen Ulasiewicz

Fairy Garden Waterfall made by Jen Ulasiewicz – On Tuesday: Snowfall just stopped. Sun coming out

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It is real pond, such as like the Claud Monet paintings in Seki, Gifu pref. Not a painting.

Loving this ultra-realistic painting, Strength in Numbers by Terry Gilecki, available online at White Rock Gallery

I will, one day, build and own a beautiful Koi pond. (Just make sure you don't put rocks on the bottom like in this photo! Your Koi will thank you for it.

Beautiful backyard fish #pond / #waterfeature. Via: http://cepontzsons.com/category/watergardens/page/8/

backyard fish pond waterfall koi water garden waterscapes water features aquascapes lancaster pa LOOKS FABULOUS!

【人気急上昇中】まるで絵画…「名前のない池」は幻級の美しさでした - Find Travel

【人気急上昇中】まるで絵画…「名前のない池」は幻級の美しさでした - Find Travel

Een natuurlijke, kleine vijver.

Miniature Ponds: How To Build A Small Pond In Your Garden - Small backyard ponds allow you to enjoy these things without taking up large amounts of space in your garden. Learn the steps for how to build a small pond in this article.