Japanese interior #interior #japan

What a lovely genkan! I like that there's a bench, too. Plus the rocks double as a nice aesthetic as well as practical spot for boots.

Japanese interior #interior #japan

A chabudai (Japanese low dining table with short legs) in a traditional setting. People seated at a chabudai may sit on zabuton or tatami rather than chairs.༻神*TZn*神༺

Japanese tatami room

Japanese tatami room -- I never remember that a room CAN be divided in simplicity with the paper wall / sliding door ---

KARUIZAWA DAYS ~ Saisei Murō's old house 室生犀星旧居

Saisei Murō's old house 室生犀星旧居 Murō Saisei (室生 犀星 1889 - was a famous poet and novelit in modern Japanese literature.


特集|フィットする暮らしのつくり方vol.03 平井かずみさん編 第2話『花のある暮らしの景色 その2』