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Julian Vecchio by Andrew Kalashnikov

INTO THE SILENCE features the work of photographer Andrew Kalashnikov with new face Julian Vecchio from Indpendent Men (Milan).

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At the Walmart, they found a last minute replacement for the baby jesus in the manger.

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Open) Ryker) I was laying on the floor thinking my mind starts to run wild and thats when i see you

Nicolas Chabot

Albert's whole face was stony, but in his eyes, there was something else besides the stoniness that I couldn't quite put my finger on. It was not warmth, not even close, but it seemed to hint ever so slightly that he had his own battles to fight.

"Matty" (Tait Hughes Geijer)

Jasper open preferably with a guy) *i sigh as I sit down at a table in a cafe when I hear someone say* Uh hello is anyone sitting there? *i smile up at you* Um no