Traditional Kimono dress women in Japan / Geisha apprentices, Kyoto People *** By momoyama

Gold and red Japanese traditional dress kimono from Scene D'uno wasou bridal collection.

Scena D’uno Japanese Wedding Kimono


In Kimonos dressed young women from Japan; located: Japan, Far - East Turan . japonya ' da bulunan: Japonya, far-east turan


theworldwelivein: couple / vintage / culture / kimono / traditonal : geiko (geisha) kotoha, kyoto japan 芸妓 琴葉さん 日本・京都 (by Michael Chandler)

Tokyo Street Fashion

this young lady is a wonderful example how cool it is to wear kimono in modern life. such pure and natural attitude! a snap shot on a street in harajuku, tokyo, japan

Yuzen kimono by Toku YUSUI, Japan ~AmyLH~

Yuzen kimono by Toku YUSUI, Japan. The Japan's three biggest yuzen. It is simple and features a calm hue. The work which there is an urbane sense