Hayato Watanabe

Hayato Watanabe

Hayato Watanabe
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These Lanvin Toesade Navy Dress Shoes are great to clean up any outfit. I’m sure these Lanvin were made just for the saying women love a well dressed man, these shoes were made to turn heads!


Love the odd shoes a little bit of asymtry goes such along way :-) From Kapital Japan

Men's style

Classic look for fall — Red Plaid Bow-tie — White Dress Shirt — Navy Shawl Cardigan — Navy Print Scarf — Dark Brown Wool Blazer — Blue Jeans — Dark Brown Suede Oxford Shoes — Brown Leather Zip Pouch — Navy Leather Watch

I really like this classy vintage look. I like making things that normally dont go together work.

This is an amazing color palette. I love the colors used in this outfit, it is put together nicely and also fits into my career path. I want to design clothing that fits into modern life and the color scheme of every season.