Mount Fuji in winter at night, Japan

Mt.fuji In Winter Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Takeshi.K

Japanese horseback archery.

Yabusame (流鏑馬) is a type of mounted archery in traditional Japanese archery.

cuba, Source :

Abandoned in Havana, Cuba - trapped in time. Ice cream colored decaying buildings and cars from the P. There's not Cuba, it's a Balat in Istanbul/Turkey ❤️

Originals, Pretty Girls, Tights, Pose, Kawaii, Navy Tights, Cute Girls, Kawaii Cute, Leggings

Gallery A4:同潤会の16の試み —近代日本の新しい住まいへの模索—

Gallery A4:同潤会の16の試み —近代日本の新しい住まいへの模索—

写真家のチャールズ・フレジー (Charles Fréger)の作品「Wilder Mann」

こ・・・これが伝統のある仮装!?ヨーロッパの由緒正しいお祭に登場する仮装を集めた「Wilder Mann

Pagan Costumes of EuropeThese photographs are part of the “Wilder Mann” series by French photographer Charles Fréger. He traveled through 19 European countries to capture what he calls “tribal.


サン・ドナート・ディ・ニネーアの階段路地 Non comprendo il giapponese ma sono sicuro al che questa foto è stata fatta in Italia

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This is a picture of Tibet. It shows the scenery of Tibet with the religious flags and the snow mountains. I really like this picture because it expresses the spirit of Tibet. Tibet, as we all know, is the roof of the world with different landscapes and a