Architectural drawing.

‘Everywhere is here’ (project) by Guy Ailion - University of Witwatersrand / Wins 2009 National Corobrik Architecture Student Award

【ショートヘア】ミニマムショート/AFLOAT JAPANの髪型・ヘアスタイル・ヘアカタログ|2016冬春

【ショートヘア】ミニマムショート/AFLOAT JAPANの髪型・ヘアスタイル・ヘアカタログ|2016冬春

sketch up and marker render

This pin is about sketching vs computer designing programs. What do you think is easier to use? Modeling is harder at first but once you learn you never forget how to model something. It is easier to edit computer modeling rather than sketching however.

Kazuyo Sejima. Japan Architect 6 Spring 1992: 24 | RNDRD

RNDRD is a frequently-updated partial index of architectural drawings and models scanned from design publications throughout the century.