National Technical Library | Prague, Czech Republic | by Projektil Architekti

Dark Side of Typography

Floor plan applied to a concrete column in the National Technical Library, Prague

I love LOVE #ChristophNiemann

MoMA Poster Design, Content layout is nice, still intergrates even with the negative space of the white framing and seperating so.

Library Floor Map

Library Floor Map

Spec project for a mapping software that shows you specifically on a floor map the location of a book you are looking for.

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伊勢丹新宿店 B1 フロアマップ

フロアマップ|ISETAN PARK net|伊勢丹新宿店の「今」と「これから」がわかるWEBメディア

floormap.jpg (3865×2085)

floormap.jpg (3865×2085)