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fucktonofanatomyreferences: “ eyecaging: “ This is the third series of a really good resource book, I would encourage everyone to buy and keep supporting this company. I’m unsure where to find it.


David Hale is an Illustrator, Artist, Tattooist, and a Humble Servant of Creation.

CurkovicArtUnits / Digital Character Illustration (short version)

A DC comic and Marvel inspired fighting stance that can be used for all different cartoons, comics and animations. the drawings inspire me to try draw these myself and to look further into comic animation itself.

公式「少女前線」(@GirlsFrontline)さん | Twitter

armband beret cityscape (girls frontline) girls frontline gloves hat (girls frontline) long hair looking at viewer multiple girls official art ruins scar smoke (girls frontline) (girls frontline) yellow eyes

Interesting Insect studies ‘The Panoply Plates’ by Hannes Hummel

Calf tattoo “The concept behind Panoply is composed of neo-traditional tattoo motif aesthetics, geometric shapes and detailed etchings. The word panoply implies a complete suit of armour with a set of di…