Картинка: Если долго шляться где попало, то обязательно получишь чем попало по чему попало.

This is the way of sweep and mop at The same time and is funny! Slvh ❤ I just Love Cats


Man Carries Cat Around Nottingham In His Backpack, His Kitty Isn't Impressed

猫の気持ち                                                                                                                                                                                 もっと見る

Most expensive cat breeds value and expenses associated with a certain breed of cat can vary depending upon your location and if your cat is bred for show.


Relax cat, relax well here you go let's all learn from this cat. you can relax anywhere you want and moments like this will make for a happy life :) Cat Meditation time

懲罰を受けるカンパチ pic.twitter.com/LsZDwsUnhl

the message on the back of the cat says "I'm the one that flipped the captain's noodle lunch over.

長い物には巻かれてしまえ 泣く子と資本家にゃ勝たれない♪ - 高田渡・添田唖蝉坊「あきらめ節」

その姿に思わず笑う! ネコがあきらめた瞬間15選

埋め込み画像 - the cat's face, tho, as if says, "I'm done with my life" lol


Not gonna lie when I first saw this I thought the front paws were cartoon eyeballs and it was a creepy brown CGI bird thing hanging upside down.


みたらし on

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