Authentic Suburban Gourmet: Neiman Marcus Popovers,and they are divine with strawberry butter!

Cheaters Version of How to Make Party Perfect Petit Fours! by RoseBakes

Simple Butter Cake for Petit Fours

How to Make Perfect Petit Fours by RoseBakes Awesome moist pound cake recipe and cram cheese buttercream, and fondant


Saint Honore L'Amour [Rose petal cream, rose profiterole, red fruit compote] Antoinette at Mandarin Gallery, Singapore

Crème Brûlée Tarts | Cygnet Kitchen

The past few weeks have passed in a blur of work related activity, which although positive, has left me in a constant state of 'catching up'.

apple tarts

Stone fruit tarts w/ coconut pastry cream & pistachios. This is very pretty but wouldn't be easy to eat since the cherries have seeds. I'm more interested in that coconut pastry cream!

Raspberry Sorbet

RECIPE: Raspberry Lychee Sorbet with Champagne (Champagne Floats) Raspberry Sorbet INGREDIENTS ½ frozen raspberries can can of lychees packed in their own juices --A few drops of rosewater

Baba au rhum de la pâtisserie Cyril Lignac

Baba au rhum- A rum baba or baba au rhum is a small yeast cake saturated in hard liquor, usually rum, sometimes filled with whipped cream or pastry cream. commonly found in Italy, particularly Naples and Southern Italy, but not so well known to Americans

Edible Obsession: Vanilla-Poached Stone Fruit Sundae

Edible Obsession: Vanilla-Poached Stone Fruit Sundae


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Cocktail Poire du Valais - Benoît Violier

Cocktail de poire Williams du Valais parfumée à l’Absinthe du Val de Tra