I'd like to watch someone playing this!

Janet Horvath on

I'd like to Play this it would be so cool but you'd probably need a spinny chair or two people! So neat! A horseshoe piano!

4/4 size violin Professional grade, 5 string electric violin......not sure if i would now how to play it, but it looks cool

inventurer: “ “ “ “ size violin Professional grade, 5 string electric violin ” I want to play that really bad. I use to play a reg one but this one is so.

Bologna Festival 2012

Graphic design inspiration, posters and covers

Sunflower Delight White Cream Violin Outfit by Rozannaviolins, $299.00

Sunflower Delight White Cream Violin Designer Violins by Rozanna. A beautiful way to re-purpose a used instrument.


Violin and Ballet( Music & Movement). Two of my most favorite expressions of art. I've always wanted to play the violin while dancing on point!

Guitar Pick

Custom Wood Guitar Pick - Handmade Exotic and Domestic Woods - Premium Guitar…

Berliner Philharmoniker Advertising

Berlin Philharmonic orchestra poster made via a beautiful macro photo of the inside of a violin. Created by Berlin photographer Bjoern Ewers.

piano...♡ Or something from our past. I wrote about you all time I am sure you can find something we planned or wanted or means something.

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~ Violin. I very much want to learn to play the violin.

♪ The Musical Arts ♪ music musician paintings - Adrian Gottlieb Abandoned passion

You Want This Piano Bookshelf Soooo Bad

Old Piano Into Bookshelf.Creative Ways To Reuse Your Old Stuff. It’s Totally Brilliant ---- When it could no longer function for music, I had my grandmother's beautiful, upright piano turned into a book case. It is a treasure!

Skull guitar

Gallery - Skull Violin - Stratton Violin Not a guitar, but very cool anyway.

Jazz Festival Willisau 76

Jazz Festival Willisau by Niklaus Troxler Medium Silkscreen Dimensions 35 x 50 x 128 cm) Printer Siebdruck Bösch AG, Luzern Credit Gift of the designer