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Hey guys! What do you think of my first big terraforming project? I posted a video of it yesterday, but wanted to post some simple screenshots today :D
Minecraft Waterfall Build
a digital painting of an urban area with flowers and trees
Tweet / Twitter
Minecraft Lush Cave Base Build
TikTok · Kat
a drawing of a building with lots of windows and trees on the top of it
an image of a large house in the middle of a field with flowers on it
an image of a very large building made out of lego blocks and bricks, with the top
2017 Castle Collection
an image of a building made out of bricks and plants on the outside, with text that reads phheleps - buildings
a minecraft bedroom is shown with the text teenager room
minecraft teenager room
an image of a house in the middle of a field
four different views of a planter made out of wood and wire
an image of a house made out of rocks
how to make an aquarium in minecraft
Building The Terrace Gardens
Minecraft Garden
Underground LilyPad // Minecraft
several different types of wooden furniture in various positions
an image of a living room in the minecraft style with plants and couches
a tree made out of purple flowers in the night
an info sheet showing how to use pixeles in the game, including different shapes and sizes
Here's my 5th guide that has 11 different roof profiles that you can try out in your builds.
The swamp was feeling a little lonely... so I added Nessy :)
The swamp was feeling a little lonely... so I added Nessy :)
an image of a kitchen in the game minecraft with wood cabinets and stoves
cozinha no minecraft