Ornaments...these would be great for Shrinky Dinks!

Elizabeth Craft Design Peel-Off Sticker Ornaments - Black

DIY - Photo Votives - Full Step-by-Step Tutorial. So lovely and unique.

Beautiful little DIY photo votives tutorial from fellow fellow - these could make a fun alternative Christmas village. :) and then maybe add Hogsmead.

watercolor wreaths + elements for designing invites

Watercolour Wreath Creator

Watercolour Wreath Creator by Lisa Glanz - Graphics / Illustrations

Uma forma linda e criativa de florir uma festa, celebração ou evento é com flores de papel crepon, e nãos e enganem elas estão cada vez mais realisticas e cheias  de charme !

to ] Great to own a Ray-Ban sunglasses as summer gift.

クレヨンはそのまま描くだけじゃなくて、溶かして使うことで新しい世界が開けますよ。 今回ご紹介するサンキャッチャーは、ワックスペーパーとクレヨンだけでできちゃうんです。もちろん家にある半端に小さくなったものでも100均のものでもOKなんです。 ・・・

Pin for Later: 119 Creative Indoor Activities For When It’s Too Hot to Handle Hanging Crayon Hearts These translucent hanging crayon hearts, made from waxed paper and crayon shavings, can cheer up a room in your home.





Thinking of trying something like this for soap making.