thedandyunderworld: Caddisfly larvae build protective cases using materials found in their environment. Artist Hubert Duprat supplied them with gold leaf and precious stones. This is what they created. Neat.


Bluebird town

MAKI HINO IS THE JAPANESE ARTIST, CREATOR OF THESE DOLLS ILLUSTRATIONS MADE OF ACRYLIC PAINT ON PAPER. Maki Hino is very much fascinated by ‘human-shape’ and make dolls with seashells and paper dolls. A sublime, original art full of beautiful shades , fascinating illustrations, they are so delicate and at the same time are so strong. 1993 Started making ball-jointed doll under Simon Yotsuya at ‘Ecole de Simon’. 1997 Learned to make doll under Ryo Yoshida at ‘Pygmalion’. 日野 まき Maki…