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Coca-Cola - Giraffe advertising campaign and the success story at afaqs! Creative Showcase with other related Creatives by Coca-Cola and the people behind it.

Even though I don't know what this says. Im guessing its advertising for the baby water bottles. This ad is very simple and just by looking at it you can understand what they are advertising. I think they choose a white background because it emphasis innocence much like a baby is. This is a very good use of design in my opinion.

Le palmarès du Grand Prix de la Communication Extérieure 2015

Principle: figure This visual communication shows figure. The evian bottle is the most dominant figure in the advertisement, highlighting that it is the most important thing.

Heineken print advertisement. I love how it's so simple and deliciously creative as an ad. Wonderful art direction as well.

Inspiration Gallery #023 — Beer Ads

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Watercolor beverages by Oleg V. Grinko, via Behance #packaging #design

Watercolor beverages by Oleg V. Grinko, via Behance (Fruit Bottle Packaging)


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真夏の思い出が生んだ、命の颯。 紫尾の露 颯 軸屋酒造株式会社

真夏の思い出が生んだ、命の颯。 紫尾の露 颯 軸屋酒造株式会社

Un étudiant en Design de New Delhi réalise une Campagne publicitaire pour Orbit (5)

Un étudiant en Design de New Delhi réalise une Campagne publicitaire pour Orbit

The challenge is still audience belief specially teen that orbit is just chewing gum but it is far more than that, establish idea and style of the giant.

Guinness Crocodile Poster

Guinness Crocodile Poster

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