Mustache Face! (鬍子的臉)

I ❤ my black and white cats (Oh my gosh! If I owned this cat, I would have to name it "Smudge-Mouth," and call it Smudgy or Smudges.

Cat breeds ✤ || CHARACTER DESIGN REFERENCES | 解剖 • علم التشريح • анатомия • 解剖学…

All the cat breeds wouldn't fit on one document so I had to divide this one. The last 12 breeds, those with coat/tail/ear mutations, are in part 2 linke. Guide to Housecat Breeds 1

pretty face

The Amazing Owl Cat! Look at that face lol



Pretty kitty on top of the roof.

catasters:    “Thank you for putting these cat beds in the roof…”

Cats sleep an average of 15 hours every day. Some of the lazy ones can even sleep up to 20 hours of the day! I suppose when you sleep that much you probably get


どうしてそこで!?極限状態で( ˘ω˘)スヤァするネコたち22選

The 25 Most Awkward Cat Sleeping Positions The Sunbather The trick is to look like someone who is acting comfortable whilst also appearing extremely uncomfortable. Let's take this excellent opportunity to coin the term "meta-comfortable.


Me when I see chocolate cake!


猫さんが踏み台にされちゃった! その瞬間を目撃した周りの猫の反応が妙に面白い (*´∀`*)! 4枚

funny cat image on We Heart It

1475965689151.jpg (640×640)

1475965689151.jpg (640×640)