飯食う おっさん

飯食う おっさん

飯食う おっさん
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Large Palwa Chandelier or Pendant Light, Gilt Brass and Crystal Glass, 1970

For Sale on - A large and stunning gold-plated brass chandelier or pendant light by Palwa (Palme & Walter), Germany, manufactured in Mid-Century, circa

b3e9cf5de086ecd30f54ad30f338370e.jpg 472×932ピクセル

Layer series by Nobuhiro Nakanishi - He photographs a scene or object repeatedly over time, then laser prints each shot and mounts them onto acrylic. Change is captured in each frame


Interior design ideas: beautiful light feature, tree + LED lights, Something we can imitate but not own - Swarovski crystal & vine light fixture from Napa

Sharon Marston - Autumn Light

The April/Autumn Light design has Flora inspired components that meander through fibre optics. The chandelier's concept, the materials used and the dimensions of the standard size of this light are also described.