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2 cellos  Check out their videos on you tube. Amazing talent and addicting to watch

Pandora Radio - Listen to Free Internet Radio, Find New Music love theses guys, 2 cellos.

Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser of 2Cellos

- Ősszel újra Budapesten a világhírű zenészpáros!

Amaaaazing Bat Hair from 'Fashion Monster' model/J-pop star Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

This will be the single for singer/model Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and will be released on October just before her first Budokan live Doki Doki Waku Waku Pamyu Pamyu Revolution Land 2012 in Kira Kira Budokan.Famous Monster will be released in regular


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プリンセスライン ボールガウン ストラップレス 蝶結び ウェディングドレス

プリンセスライン ボールガウン ストラップレス 蝶結び ウェディングドレス


This dramatic layered skirt wedding dress from Stella York is truly a sight to behold. This classic ball gown made of Royal organza has a voluminous skirt with multiple layers that looks full but feels light and airy.