Everyone knows I am obsessed with color. Wouldn't it be cool if this painting was at least 5 feet high? And the centerpiece of a room? Lavander walls, mint chairs and this.

love love love- i love this style of knife painting with teh rich colors- so often with rain. makes everything feel more alive and yet almost otherworldly at the same time. I feel like that is what art is supposed to be; hold up, knife painting!

Seitei (Shotei) Watanabe (渡 辺 省 亭 japonais, 1851-1918) - "Oiseau sur un arbre à kakis" (Bird on a Persimmon Tree)

iamjapanese: Seitei(Shotei)Watanabe(渡辺省亭Japanese, Bird on a Persimmon Tree

藤城清治 Seiji-Fujishiro Shadow picture artist

Japanese copying Russian Art Styles, shadow pictures by FUJISHIRO Seiji, Japan 藤城清治

Seiji Fujishiroファンです。

Art by Seiji Fujishiro, a Japanese artist I saw on the news here in Japan. He's about 89 years old and does astounding art!

Fujishiro Seiji illustration

Seiji Fujishiro is a Kage-e artist. "Kage-e" is the Japanese art of cut-out art, fashioned after the principle of silhouettes. He uses three layers of paper behind glass and back lit.