Dr Propolus Adds His Own Touch on Fashion Spreads

Austrian-Moroccan illustrator Dr Propolus aka Ilias Walchshofer finds vintage, sexy or inspiring editorials and let his imagination wandering while drawing simp

ぐらふぃっく でざいん Japan 1960s

Japanese Graphic Design / PInk / Advertisement / Japan Poster Mid-Century Modern Graphic Design How would you like your graphic desi.


This design looks very active. I feel like the girl in the image is like jumping through or out of the letter. Also, the color used in the background really grabs girls attention.


This is so looking and so visually adorable. The scratches of white are interesting. Black and white vs pastel- no faces.

Bicycle No4 Collage Poster 11x17 von reconstructingideas auf Etsy, $20.00

Bicycle Graphic Design poster designed by Herbert Leupin Graphic design inspiration Pan Am Ticket Jacket - Circa


レスリー・キー × ズッカ写真展“AIR of LOVE”が開催

(Leslie Kee × ZUCCa photo exhibition "AIR of LOVE") This is a more decorative way of putting text over an image. It doesn't show well and therefore wouldn't be suitable for a poster, although I am interested into looking at white text over a dark image.