Lemon Juice by Djuno Tomsni

Lemon Juice by Djuno Tomsni

Camping on Mars? Seaside fun with views of Saturn? French artist Djuno Tomsni imagines the perfect summer vacation in outer space with his hand-made collages from vintage holiday brochures and photo albums.


"You've been working out; and now you fit into your monster suit comfortably. Meet me upstairs."Illustration by Kristian Hammerstad.

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Anime picture with original rias-coast single tall image short hair brown hair sky looking away girl dress window building (buildings) white dress (wire) wires chair short dress fence

春田 / HARUTA Comic writer , Graphic designer

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"Now get busy! Right right, now now." by Timba Smits | Beastie Boys | Lyrics and Type | Verse 2 | #pizza

"Now get busy! Right Right Now Now" The Beastie Boys. By Lyrics and Type artist Timba Smits

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