Scale sleeve detail with layered chiffon & leather applique - sewing; fabric manipulation // WHAT I NEED THIS

Elf Costume by ~Valimaa on deviantART

Elf Costume by Valimaa - Artisan Crafts / Costumery / Costumes / Cosplay & Role-Playing An older elf costume I made for a larp-party kinda thing -Hardend leather.and loads of feathers



Atelier Boz

forthegothicheroine: “ noblechaos: “ O Gregery…. ” Gothic Heroine Tip: Dramatic cloaks aren’t only for villains. ” ::makes muffled squeaking noises:: Oh Atelier Boz, you make such.

Aime Leon Dore SS16. menswear mnswr mens style mens fashion fashion style…

Aimé Leon Dore Winter Drop NYC label Aimé Leon Dore is set to unveil its first release of the new year. The burgeoning imprint unveils a mix of cozy essentials and clean-cut con.

モデルのようにかっこいい 【星野源 画像】

モデルのようにかっこいい 【星野源 画像】