wagashi (Iris)

wagashi (Iris) Japanese culture puts so much emphasis on exquisite details in search of perfection.

Japanese sweets

Ohagi, Japanese rice cake wrapped in soybean flour, sweet been paste, and sesame seeds. My mom and I get this all the time!

Japanese Sakura-mochi 桜餅

Japanese Sakura-mochi 桜餅 ~ consisting of sweet pink-colored rice cake with a red bean paste center, and wrapped in a pickled cherry blossom leaf

Japanese sweets


Cherry Blossom Mochi with Petals Recipe - How are you today? How about making Cherry Blossom Mochi with Petals?

Japanese sweets / 抹茶どら焼き(matcha dorayaki)

Japanese sweets, Matcha Dorayaki pancake with bean jam filling 抹茶どら焼き

Japanese sweets -sakura mochi-

Another favorite childhood treat that my family would pick up from the best local manju store, Benkyo-do. ---------------------------- Kashiwa-mochi, a popular treat prepared for Kodomo No Hi, Children's Day

Japanese sweets, Ichigo Daifuku 苺大福

Ichigo Daifuku (Strawberry Mochi) My favorite japanese dessert of all time: Strawberry Daifuku ~~I love it too, and it's actually not that bad to make it yourself

These cute rabbit shaped manju are filled with a delicious yuzu filling!

Alex Keating posted Bunny Inspiration, designedtothenines: Make snips for the ears and poke holes for the eyes. This would likely work for a variety of roll or cookie dough recipes! Bun Cookie to his -dessert time!