The intensity of this picture is very bright. It includes a brilliant white from the floor and the roof. It is just the right balance between extreme dark and light.

Bruce Silverstein Gallery - Silvio Wolf: Mirror Thresholds -- creates an interesting illusion and very surrealist.

Printed glass facade of the Folkwang Library by Germand architect Max Dudler. Photo by Stefan Müller.

Folkwang Library by Max Dudler Huge photographic prints conjure the illusion of translucent marble over the glass walls of this music library at Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen, Germany


Shanghai studio AIM Architecture has designed the office for Soho China, the property developers behind Zaha Hadid’s Galaxy Soho, creating an entrance with reflective strips of light that give the illusion of a never-ending grid

Sugamo-trust bank in Japan. Cool lighting design. makes you feel relaxed about your money

) Rainbow bank Japan: Architect Emmanuelle Moureaux has designed a unique and colorful building for Sugamo Shinkin Bank in Shimura, Japan.