Catch Some Air-Time

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For the jumping/action enthusiast!
Wow... incredible!

Terra Kate tells beautiful stories with her staged photography. In her fantasy world, she lets bodies levitate, humans are trapped in huge spiderwebs, or t

Why walk, when you can just hover up and down stairs!

15 incredible photos of ‘Tokyo’s Levitating Girl’ Natsumi Hayashi

@Jen Garcia

Garcia photographed by Grim

I believe I can fly...

I believe I can fly...

Hover to your left, please... mind those non-hoverers.

Natsumi Hayashi - tokyo's levitating girl - sometimes has jump up to 300 times to get her perfect surreal levitation picture

I must have you, flower!

Yowayowa Camera Woman Diary is a series of levitating self-portraits from Tokyo photographer Natsumi Hayashi.

Air-time in Thailand

Air-time in Thailand

Passing some time in Narita Airport

Passing some time in Narita Airport

Going for a nice, little hover.

Japanese photographer Natsumi Hayashi (aka Yowayowa Camera Woman) takes self-portraits of herself levitating across train stations, alleyways and.

Hello Sun, my friend!

Levitation Photography by Natsumi Hayashi. Tokyo photographer Natsumi Hayashi takes incredible zero-gravity shots of herself around the city.

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