In Fukuoka, Japan, there exists a Starbucks coffee shop unlike anything you've seen before. The Starbucks in the city's main path to the Shinto shrine Dazaifu Tenmangu, is decorated with wooden sticks, woven into the walls and ceilings!

Postcard from the souks    A series of my favourite images would be incomplete without this one, definitely one of my best from last year.    The colours are great, love the depth of field but the most amazing of all is …… how do they do that? Piling up those olives must be a herculean task of dexterity and concentration, but even more confusing is how do they close up without losing them all over the floor?

The souks of Marrakech, Morocco near Djemaa el Fna Copyright © by Mallory On Travel 2011 adventure photography

Pablo Picaso painting with light

LIFE Behind the Picture: Picasso 'Draws' With Light Not originally published in LIFE. "By setting off a strobe light, [Mili] caught Picasso's intense, agile figure as it flailed away at the drawings," LIFE wrote.