A table of plants

Bright and spacious villa in Bentveld, Netherlands. a nice way to display plants - grouped plants on a vintage table.

Monstera deliciosa

We might just have to get one of these plants - Monstera deliciosa / Ceriman, Swiss Cheese Plant / Monstera / Mexican Breadfruit / Delicious Monster

Imagine this corner without the plants! #plantgang :@frkmejo #urbanjunglebloggers

The French Bedroom Company Urband Jungle Bedroom. We're loving the interiors trend of house plants - from concrete planters, cacti, basket pots, hanging plants, palms and so much green for your home. Collection of house plants on a wooden table with whi

plants plants plants

Different color, size and shape planters, organized in a group make great potted garden. Succulents and cactus provide great texture, color and form to your planters.