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月面上で太陽光を浴びる、アポロ11号(Apollo XI)のエドウィン・オルドリン(Edwin Aldrin)宇宙飛行士(1969年7月20日撮影)。(c)AFP/NASA ▼12Oct2014AFP|【特集】地球の衛星「月」 ─ 月食、アポロ計画、スーパームーン http://www.afpbb.com/articles/-/3028525

Aldrin Outside Lunar Lander - Sunlight and shadows are cast on the Apollo 11 lunar lander Eagle and lunar module pilot Buzz Aldrin in this image by mission commander Neil Armstrong during the first manned moon landing on July 1969

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This Space Invaders Astronaut t-shirt features a reflection of the video game's aliens in an astronaut's helmet. Wear the Space Invaders shirt as a tribute to the game.

Worales que bonito Toda la información, cuidados, alimentación, educación y productos especializados para el bichon maltes.

With fantastic artwork by Alex Wells, Isaac Asimov's I, Robot is hugely influential in both the science-fiction genre and the world of robotics.