Gorgeous Japanese fabric. detail , SUNTORY MUSEUM OF ART "Bingata-dyed fabrics"

bingata-dyed fabrics are characterized by strong distinctive patterns developed under the influence of seafaring trade between china, southeast asia, and japan from the or century. from suntory museum of art.


Genko-an Temple (Kyoto,JAPAN) Summer/Fall/Winter This is great, I've always wanted to do a picture series of the seasons outside a single window.

e2d685e74fb544e4b581b22f8a2f600e.jpg 603×1,500 ピクセル

Male Yukata - how to dress tutorial - Traditional japanese male summer costume - Drawing Reference

光の湖/志村ふくみ 東京国立博物館蔵 『つむぎ おり』

Lake / Fukumi Shimura Tokyo National Museum of light "spinning cage" than (Motomeryudo / 2015 spring will be released) Fukumi Shimura's kimono, was dyed with vegetable dyes have been woven in silk Tsumugiito (Tsumugiito).

【桃】アンティーク髪飾り:切金蒔絵蝶貝螺鈿わらび図櫛笄 在銘 - ヤフオク!

【桃】アンティーク髪飾り:切金蒔絵蝶貝螺鈿わらび図櫛笄 在銘 - ヤフオク!






"Double cherry blossom", a kimono created by artist Takizawa Akira. Osaka Takashimaya Award even though there is no point in putting a design in the back.