making books come alive!

Cute animal silhouettes decorate that bookshelf. - Laminate animals and put in the place where each animal book belongs to help students find books they are looking for!

Cords wall art

wire work city skyline, diy, baling wire, make for kitchen What a fun idea to try with loose lamp cord


広松木工株式会社 sofa for Wood. Flex is back cushion sofa, chaise sofa, sofa for Wood.


Love ideas like this, simple but so different, I'm guessing it's inspired by a sundial or just by light and shadow in general. Like the use of shadow as the design element!


Villa D_Keerbergen, outdoor design by T Huis van Oordeghme (photo © Thomas de Bruyne) _ Love these chairs!

The Chair Can Create All Vertical,Horizontal,Diagonal, And Curved Lines. The Movement Of The Wood Slabs Cause The Different Lines.

The chair can create all vertical, horizontal, diagonal, and curved lines. The movement of the wood slabs cause the different lines.

酒棚 | 住宅デザイン コチラ、オランダのWoonhome.nlという家具や雑貨のショップで見つけたものでして、造作モノじゃなくてレッキとした商品で、どこにでも簡単にワインラックタワーを立てられてしまうというちょっとしたオモシロ商品なんです。


I maybe like this idea with the wooden beam at the end of my bar. maybe the wine in on the side of the bar opening only. :) Diy Wine holder, (maybe bigger beam in natural looking wood where you cant see the bottle neck)

めがねとかもめと北欧暮らし リビングニッチ

めがねとかもめと北欧暮らし リビングニッチ