Exquisite Crochet Flowers-艺术 GALA手工 生活 钩针 钩花

Exquisite Crochet Flowers-艺术 GALA手工 生活 钩针 钩花 ~ Sorry I didn't find the patterns. but they are just to pretty not to post!


Jung Jung Beautiful knit and crochet veggies, although not in English. No pattern as far as I know.

Onion by Kaoru Hirota/Hipota

Onion-by-Hipota - Working under the name Hipota, Japanese artist Kaoru Hirota creates tiny textile sculptures. Often she uses food as the inspiration for her pieces, and the detail that she imparts is shockingly accurate.


For the next few posts, I’m going to feature the work of the amazing crochet artist Junng Jung. Junng Jung’s work now.

HIPOTA : brooch | Sumally

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