Thought wouldn't be thought without thought. Why don't you just think that over for a moment, and in the meantime, think about following us here at Glamourless too.
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This woman is thinking something!

-Staff Opinion- By Abby N. Virio Opinions Editor Image courtesy of Pixabay Gentlemen, do not take this the wrong way. I love a good joke— in fact, I consider myself a connoisseur of stand-up.

Psychopaths, narcissists, and sociopaths are experts at flattery & charm. Although it feels amazing at first, this idealization leads to intense pain.

This woman is standing in an empty room on her own so nobody can watch her thinking. That stuff is for your quiet alone time, women.

Do you suspect you are blocked in life because of a story in your subconscious mind?

Cheeky – another thought! How is she doing this?!

Cheeky – another thought!