Abandoned castle, Italy          西田理一郎

A cool pic in this abandoned castle in Italy. Castello di Sammezzano, province of Florence , Tuscany region, Italy.

The Ice Castles shine in the day light in Breckenridge, Colorado!

The Ice Castles shine in the day light in Breckenridge, Colorado, USA (Copy Shades of Blue)


Paris at night.in the snow.I want to jump into this picture! One snowy romantic rooftop night in Paris.on my bucketlist after seeing this photo.


Paris by Carin Olsson. this would be my dream life. to wake-up to this view everyday

Bagan Temple, Myanmar

Bagan is an ancient city located in the Mandalay Region of Burma (Myanmar). From the to centuries, the city was the capital of the Kingdom of Pagan, the first kingdom to unify the regions …

The World’s Largest Cylindrical Aquarium - Berlin Germany

10 Crazy And Outrageous Aquariums

The Radisson Blu Hotel in Berlin has a 1 million-litre aquarium tank that features a glass elevator inside, offering rides with views of the tropical fish. (Cool Places In The World)

Snowy Bruges, Belgium. #travel #adventure #vacation #wanderlust

Hiver - neige - snow - winter ❤️✼❤️✼Bruges ~ Belgium I want to go visit my husband's family from there soon

Amber Palace, Rajasthan, India

Amber Palace, Rajasthan, India (odd that this is the Amber Palace and the interior is purple.) Harris-Carniello this place has your name on it!