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Adidas Originals x Kanye West YEEZY SEASON 1

This project is my conceptual vision of promotional products for collections amazing musician and designer Kanye West.Season 1 is a powerful reflection of the love to the street and creative thinking.


Pop Up Sale Weekend

Floralpunk: Fuck this is a busy-as-fuck week. Upcoming this weekend: two Pop Up Sales ! One in Hanoi and one at Heverly store in Saigon ! This is no big announcement, but if you can, tell your friends about it : D.

grafikr's inspiration

This a good example of asymmetrical balance. Majority of the composition is symmetrical and the arm breaks it making it asymmetrical.

"Connect The Dots" | Model: Gracie Van Gastel, Photographer: Oskar Gyllensward, Volt Magazine, December 2012

Very cool, retro cover. The type fits well since the model has colored dots on her face. I like that is a close up and the rest of the copy is side-ways on left of the page.