layout - from the circle brand stamp, simple font, a little mosaic of pictures creates familiarity, you want to transport yourself there(Hotel Daniel Paper

All to support a document encouraging the rape of the arctic for "hard to reach" resources. I feel sad and conflicted. I support the designer here, but as an artist myself, I don't know if I would have been able to

I love the layout of this magazine I love the timeline, and how the whole magazine is unified with certain colors- like the greyscale photos and the blue font

The grid layout shows the clear arrangement in poster. and the text has different direction that really interesting. it also shows playful with layout of image.

瀬戸内・松山 食べ巡りプロジェクト

瀬戸内・松山 食べ巡りプロジェクト volume 1

High quality photographs over a two-page spread is visually arresting. Careful consideration of borders gives the image more emphasis. Pages with only photographs are more effective than the ones with multiple photographs. Symmetry isn't as appealing.

the balance of photographs and typical magazine structure and unique borders and margins makes this magazine interesting to me.

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