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Longji Terrace, China

梯田中的房屋。好美! 4081 ^ Welcome To My Website: http://www.aliexpress.com/store/919173

Fireworks in Mie, Japan


Lady in kimono at Heian-jingu shrine, Kyoto, Japan: photo by 92san 平安神宮 京都

zekkei-beautiful-scenery: “Cherry blossoms in Japan Sakura 桜咲く日本 世界の絶景 Zekkei Beautiful Breathtaking Scenery をアップしています♫ 画像→ ”

Varieties of Torii gates in Japan : A「神明鳥居(Shinmei torii)」、B「鹿島鳥居(Kashima torii)」、C「明神鳥居(Myōjin torii)」、D「八幡鳥居(Hachiman torii)」、E「春日鳥居(Kasuga torii)」、F「中山鳥居(Nakayama torii)」、G「外宮鳥居(Gekū torii)」、H「三柱鳥居(Mihashira torii)」、I「三輪鳥居(Miwa torii)」、J「両部鳥居(Ryōbu torii)」(I would like the first one on the back of my elbow)

kimono: 鳥居の種類 A「神明鳥居(Shinmei torii)」、B「鹿島鳥居(Kashima torii)」、C「明神鳥居(Myōjin…

Nagoya obi used for OTAIKO musubi (drum bow), with a twist at the top? ! Please comment if you know the name and/or know of a video showing how to tie it! :) !

ほのかにグレーみをおびた粋な風情ただよう落ち着いた赤色の地に、凛と枝を伸ばす梅の花枝が織り出された名古屋帯です。(JO'C - I think Japan is a Virgo nation. Everything has to be "just so & perfect." And this lovely picture shows the care & preparation for this photo.