Sakura Jelly

Sakura (cherry blossom) jelly with mousse, tulip ice cream bowls Extreme But Elegant Edible Flower Foods)

Japanese Matcha ice cream

Japanese Matcha ice cream with matcha green tea poured on top of it. An authentic Japanese green tea fusion

Petits gateaux thé vert - cerise

Végétal: Petits gateaux thé vert /cerise { Battle Food } - uses agar agar…

pâtisseries japonaises

Monaka is a Japanese sweet made of beans Jam filling sandwiched between two wafer made from mochi. - Food and Foods

Bread Chicks - PHOTO ONLY - I would suggest using your own yeast roll recipe and creativity to shape them.

Matcha (Japanese Green Tea) Macarons

matcha green tea macarons [recipe linked] earl grey salted caramel macarons [recipe linked] I made these during a weekend in Fresno, whe.

盛夏の頃 : 本日も和菓子日和です

Japanese sweets titled "Star of the night sky" /// what even is this wondrous food

琥珀 えんどう豆

琥珀 えんどう豆////\\\\ Peas of spring Shut the times of old, is a Japanese sweet that…