Simply beautiful logo for a café or office catering company. Simplistic colours and style GENIUS!


Simple outline drawing of iconic British and Russian building to link to the text

SAYAのロゴ:シンプル&機能美 | ロゴストック

I love the creative yet subtle use of cutlery in the design and making it look like a forest or a park.

Logo //

Logo design for Parco Design Life. Expressionless logo, minimalistic logo with two different layout choices.

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I love all of this identity design by Simon Walker. Well done, simple and the treatment to the type is incredible. Find more inspiration here. Images by Simon Walker

Logo Design

Finch Sewing Studio — even when the Silver line is finished it won't reach Leesburg.

Cafe結+1のロゴ:クジラの世界観 | ロゴストック