20 Funny, Creative, & Outrageous Pet Costumes

Great dog Halloween costume idea, especially for football fans! Also an option for pet parents who "tailgate" with their dog.

Woof! Announcing the Winners of Our Dog Costume Contest! via Brit + Co.

Woof! Announcing the Winners of Our Dog Costume Contest!

Sushi cats!

Sushi Cats, A Cute Collection of Magical Felines Resting on Sushi Rice

Sushi Cats or (Neko-Sushi) by the Japan-based company Tange & Nakimushi Peanuts is a funny series of photographs of cute felines resting on top of sushi rice.

I want to do this to one of my dogs, too bad they are both long-haired and spotted differently.

These 30 Halloween Dog Costumes Will Put A Smile On Your Face

This awesome dog skeleton Halloween costume looks pretty easy to make. Just get some pet safe paint and go to town. Of course you’ll need a black dog to make it work too.

This hilariously adorable outfit is not only surprisingly comfortable, but is also a cinch to make.

25 Great Halloween Costume Ideas for Your Pet

Country Living picks costumes your pet won't mind wearing. i think we should do this with our dogs

Guinea pigs dressed as dinosaurs

16 Ridiculously Photogenic Rodents

Pug Vader uses the dark side of the Force to melt hearts: | 13 Pets Who Are Too Adorable To Be Scary

Bark Vader // The Force is strong with this one ~ Dog Halloween Costume ~ Star Wars ~ Darth Vader

When this dog in a tarantula costume is unleashed on strangers, hilarity ensues! These peoples' reactions are priceless!

A Dog In A Tarantula Costume Is Unleashed On Strangers... Their Reactions Are SO FUNNY! LOL

Do's and Don'ts of Dressing Your Dog for Halloween

Do's and Don'ts of Dressing Your Dog for Halloween

Funny pet picture of a Cerberus dog costume. A small canine with three heads in this humorous Halloween getup and animal comedy photo.

This year even the guinea pigs are getting in on the Halloween fun with pumpkin and witch costumes from PetSmart. (Photo: Business Wire)

Calling All Fuzzy and Scary-Cute Pets to PetSmart this Halloween


The 57 Greatest Pet Costumes EVER

Joey, a dwarf Siamese rabbit, is dressed as Batman’s sidekick Robin at a Halloween dog costume parade and contest in Long Beach, California.