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This could be a cool way to display information for newspaper or do a student head or spartan head like this and have school event times or sports game schedules around it

昼間部 デザイン・工芸科 [私立美大 平面・立体系] 生徒作品|ふなばし美術学院 (Public Art Uni) Janome/Karakasa.

i think a different font might look better, but still very pretty もっと見る


I like the title, "Bike Ride" is evident in the visual aspects, there is even a neon trail going up and over the hills. The sun's opacity was brought down so you could see the clouds going behind it. That was a cool detail to add just as a random thing.

Maniackers Design | Graphic Design | グラフィックデザイン もっと見る

Maniackers Design | Graphic Design | グラフィックデザイン もっと見る


This is just so ridiculous and funny to me! I love how the person is carrying bread far too big for anyone that size to be carrying, and the cat jumping off at the top!

人気デザインランキング30|年賀状なら年賀家族2017 <公式>サイト

人気デザインランキング30|年賀状なら年賀家族2017 <公式>サイト

This ad appeals to plain folk, because every child thought when they were little that they could be anyone or anything they wanted.