eso pasa cuando te encuentras con tu novio después de a ver roto

(OPEN RP, I'm her. Written in his POV) "Drop the gun sweetheart, I don't want to hurt you" I smirk and cock my head in an arrogant matter "Oh please, I'm not the stupid little 15 year old you remember" she scoffs and holds the gun tighter in her hand.

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Mikasa - SNK Attack on Titan

Desmonda, the demon who may not be so bad afterall. She has an older brother, Allark who keeps trying to kill Alistair and Sam.

Learn How to Draw Curly Hair in my new video!✨

I’ve got some new curly hair drawing techniques in my new drawing tutorial video feat. where I’ll be showing you all how I draw there Malaysian Curly Hair in my semi realistic style!

Lily and James <3

IT’S FRIDAY, aka time to get your mack on with your fave dorky, trouble-makin’ Marauder. DIBS ON SIRIUS. Portrait of Lily Evans and James Potter by the fab

James and Lily

“spontaneous dancing, james, really? do you think i’m going to be swept off my feet by your maneuvers?